Musa Dwich Club — Branding

Musa Dwich Club

Branding for the new sandwich shop from the Musa group in Paris : Le Musa Dwich Club.

On the menu, pornfood sandwiches featuring carefully crafted and flavorful ingredients. Pure satisfaction with a touch of subtlety.

Client : Musa Paris
AD & Design : In the Pool Studio

Parisudam — Illustration


Creation of a series of illustrations to mark and celebrate Paris Sud Aménagement’s 40th anniversary throughout the year. These illustrations depict some of their flagship projects that have had a major impact on their evolution.

Client : Paris Sud Aménagement
Design & Illustration : In the Pool Studio


Antipode — Branding


Creation of Antipode’s identity, a true institution in the Rennes landscape.

The Antipode Rennes association, active for over 60 years, embodies the spirit of popular education in the Cleunay neighborhood of Rennes. Its project, carried by volunteers, is rooted in a new space at the intersection of several Rennes neighborhoods, while preserving its militant and citizen values.

Client : Antipode Rennes
AD & Design : In the Pool Studio


The Analog Gallery — Visual Identity

The Analog Gallery

Branding for the Analog Gallery, a pivotal component of the Analog Club. Their diverse activities encompass live and online exhibitions, as well as exclusive print sales, offering enthusiasts a unique and immersive experience in the world of analog photography.

Client : The Analog Club
Design & Illustration :

In the Pool Studio


The Analog Club — Visual Identity

The Analog Club

Branding for The Analog Club, an association fostering a vibrant community centered around the appreciation and celebration of the poetic artistry of analog photography.

The Analog Club is now also a camera shop and a gallery.
Client : The Analog Club

Design & Illustration :
In the Pool Studio


Les Berthoms — Branding

Les Berthoms

Branding and illustration for “Les Berthoms,” a vibrant collective of bars spanning various cities across France, celebrated for their dedication to craft beers.

Each establishment boasts a unique ambiance, reflecting the diverse cultural landscapes of their respective locales, while maintaining a consistent commitment to providing exceptional craft beer experiences.

Clients : Les Berthoms 
AD, Design & Illustration : 
In the Pool Studio


La Place — Branding

La Place

Branding of “La Place”, a space dedicated to hip-hop expression, La Place’s mission is to promote all aesthetics and artistic practices of this cultural movement through actions of dissemination, transmission, support for creation, and accompaniment.

Client : La Place
Design : In the Pool Studio

Dukkan — Web Design

Dukkan Food

Development of the identity and web design for “Dukkan Foods,” an American brand offering Middle Eastern products such as spices, infusions, and marmalades.

Client : NoGood Agency (NY)
Web Design : In the Pool Studio
Coding : Valentin Renault


Live Affair — Web Design

Live Affair

Branding and web design for “Live Affair”, a Parisian music agency. Live Affair’s mission is to develop artists through live performances. As a dedicated entity for show production, it operates within the Believe Group.

Client : Believe Group
AD & Design : In the Pool Studio
Coding : Valentin Renault


Trempo — Branding


Creation and development of the visual identity of Trempo in Nantes.

Trempo is a unique organization dedicated to the practice, creation, training, production, and dissemination of emerging music talents.

Since 2021, we manage the evolution of the identity and all the communication assets released. 

Client : Trempo Nantes
AD, Design, Photography & Web Design : In the Pool Studio
Coding : Valentin REnault